About Us

MG Strategy+ is an infrastructure solutions and business development organization that provides professional management of investment projects within the infrastructure sector. Through its globally strategic partners, MG Strategy+ provides multidisciplinary engineering, procurement, planning, consulting, management and technology solutions for a broad range of integrated systems and infrastructure solutions, as well as related process and equipment solutions for all major public and private infrastructure sectors.

Capabilities provide dynamic solutions partnerships that better enable us to respond to challenges around the world, and to offer a broad range of value-added services to our clients. Together with our award-winning partners, that have gained international recognition by virtue of innovation, quality and commitment to clients, our collective and impressive skill sets are further enhanced by our strategic relationships with local and international partners, governments, organizations, institutions and the private sector.

MG Strategy+ core principles are quality, engineering excellence, integrity, technical due diligence, skills, experience, rigour and innovation.

MG Strategy+ provides;

- highly customized client advisory services to project developers, lenders, venture capitalists, public authorities, contractors and industrialists.

- specialized technical, financial, and risk management advisory services independently or with OEMs, consultant engineering firms and EPCM firms to deliver the most effective way to offer state of the art solutions to end users.

MG Strategy+ Mission Vision

The MG Strategy+ mission is to provide our clients, with operational information analytics and process solutions that achieve Operational Efficiencies on technology platforms that fits our clients’ business needs. From partnerships with national and international Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM) firms to Utilities to smaller specialized local and regional firms, we will develop and manage the teams that best implement those solutions for each client.

Major market focus areas

Our Market Expertise

MG Strategy+ Strategic Efficiency Consortium

MG Strategy+ is a member of the Strategic Efficiency Consortium. The Strategic Efficiency Consortium is a consortium collective focused on deliveries the maximum efficiencies, value and benefits of existing and developing technologies into key global infrastructure markets. MG Strategy+ is an active member of the: Strategic Efficiency Consortium Security Workgroup and the Strategic Efficiency Consortium Security Intelligence Initiative.

MG Strategy+ MG Consult

MG Consult is the pure-play engineering design consultancy of MG Strategy+ with a singular focus on expertise. MG Consult is an independent engineering consultancy, delivering informed, realistic and accurate technical advisory and project management services. MG Consult offers specialized advisory consultancy focus on infrastructure project financing, risk, and valuations.MG Consult MG Consult manages a pure consulting industry-academic solutions work group.

MG Strategy+ MG Consult Work Group

MG Strategy+ CyberSecurity Data Services and Intelligence

Security Intelligence Data Platform Service focused on global, real-time updates on alerts, malware notices, security news and general cyber-security awareness. Security Intelligence Data designed to highlight key dimensional demands of intelligence including: Cyber Intelligence, Threat Intelligence, Business Intelligence: Commercial Intelligence: Market Intelligence: Competitive Intelligence: Strategic Intelligence. Specialized content provider of External Threat Intelligence, providing a broad view and industrial context on global cyber security risks. Global Critical Industrial Infrastructure Markets Security Focus: Unified Threat Based Approach for Vulnerability Management: Emerging Threat Intelligence to Prioritize Remediation.

MG Strategy+ Industrial Control Systems Work Group CyberSecurity Data Services and Intelligence Platform

MG Strategy+ Platforms Work Group

The MG Strategy+ Platforms Work Group develops process digitalization platforms across key industrial demands. The MG Strategy+ Platforms Work Group develops digital platforms to solution; platform businesses, platform products, platform solutions, platform hubs.

MG Strategy+ Platforms Work Group