Operational Efficiencies

MG Strategy+ Industrial Cloud Security Services

“Are you and your plant ready for the cloud?”

As competitive production costs and scalability of automation systems play an important part for industry, operators will increasingly prefer to use high quality automation services instead of buying groups of complex hardware and software products. The virtualization of industrial functions and realizing them as a Secure Cloud Service would be an encouraging approach for some industries of the future. As industry investigates what impact the cloud can have on multiple items such as asset management and condition-based maintenance (CBM), the benefits being realized by early cloud adopters has been –reliability. Cloud-based services or cloud-based models for the process industries that provide remote asset monitoring and analytics deliver reliability for smaller facilities at a cost effective manner.

Control in the "Cloud"

The "Cloud," as used in the IT world, isn't deterministic enough, available enough or fast enough for most level-two control applications; though it may be in the very near future. However, the decoupled architecture would enable a "local cloud" or virtualized control platform be functional much like today’s virtualized IT environments. This architecture could meet the requirements of determinism, availability and speed of response.