Open-Source Software Meets Industrial Automation

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May 15, 2020
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May 17, 2020

Open-Source Software Meets Industrial Automation

Open-Source Software Meets Industrial Automation

-As more automation technology suppliers incorporate open-source tools, the ability to use open-source software in automation projects no longer depends on access to arcane software knowledge commonly known only to developers and IT-savvy engineers


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The quest for interoperability


Three kinds of open code;

1-operating systems Linux, Android …

2-open-source software applications, databases, browsers PostgreSQL, MySQL …

3-libraries of code that embed in other software projects …

4-other drivers; hypertext markup language, open-source TCP/IP, MQTT


the ability to operate and maintain open-source software across the product life cycle becomes both more important and more challenging compared to software developed in-house

must develop independent internal standards and guidelines for vetting any open-source code it is considered for incorporation into existing or new product development

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